● spectacular landscapes ● rare wildlife ● volunteering opportunities

Vallée des Perroquets trail

The Vallée des Perroquets trail will lead you through contrasting landscapes of gallery forest, dry deciduous forest, groves of baobabs,
and soaring limestone cliffs decorated with rare succulent plants.

It also passes intriguing ruins of colonial-era buildings and, sheltered under the cliffs, the site of an archaeological excavation site that
yielded what researchers believe are the earliest known traces of humans in Madagascar.

Along the way you will be able to see some of Montagne des Français’s rare plant and animal species – some of which are known from nowhere else.

The trail also visits our native tree nursery and here you will be invited to contribute to our conservation efforts by joining our nursery team for an hour or so collecting and sowing seeds of rare native plants, nurturing seedlings, and planting out young plants.

The trail is moderately arduous and typically will take about 4 hours to complete.

During your visit you should bring plenty of water and snacks; a hat and sun-cream; walking boots or sturdy trainers; a plastic bag so that you can take your rubbish back to Diego; and, during the wet season, a raincoat.